Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giants win the World Series

San Francisco Giants win the 2010 World Series!
What an amazing time to be in the city and experience the joy and passion we feel for this great city and this great team.

World Series title caps ‘City’ life
By: Brian Murphy

SAN FRANCISCO – To understand what Wednesday’s World Series parade through the streets of San Francisco will mean to lifelong Giants fans, you probably have to start with geography; with the confluence of longitude and latitude that creates the fog-swept romance, eye-watering views and quirky hills of the city this team has called home since 1958.

It’s a helluva place, San Francisco.

I admit. I’m biased. I grew up 6 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, in an impossibly idyllic town called Mill Valley, in the shadow of a graceful mountain called Tamalpais. Coastal Miwok Indians gave it that name because its signature ridges resembled a “Sleeping Lady.” If you drive or hike the 2,571-foot peak of Mount Tam, you can gaze down at a unforgettable sight: the entire panorama of San Francisco. From there, you can watch the snow-white fog creep in, through the narrow passage of water called the Golden Gate, linking San Francisco Bay to the mighty Pacific Ocean. You look past the architectural marvel that is the Golden Gate Bridge, and thank whatever forces rule this universe that your seed happened to germinate here, in the region called the Bay Area, with San Francisco at its center.

I’ve traveled to a lot of places in this world. Never seen a place like ours.

This place, well, it shapes your soul, is what it does.

So, yeah. We do “civic pride” here pretty well.

Thus is the wellspring of all the intense emotion you felt through your TV sets when you watched Giants playoff games at AT&T Park this October. We love this place. And we love anything that has to do with this place – from the soothing clang of a cable car bell to the memory of Joe Montana rolling to his right to the muffled sound of a foghorn at night to, yes, the baseball played by the 2010 World Series champions.

We understand that other American cities are marvelous; that New York is the most exciting place in the world; that Boston’s historic pedigree is second to none; that New Orleans is the most joyous party on Earth; and that Seattle rivals San Francisco for sheer physical beauty. But our love is parochial, and when we have a chance to exhibit that love, well … you have 43,000 people, full-throated, in the middle of the 8th inning of a World Series Game 2 on an October night at Third and King, belting out the lyrics to a 32-year-old Journey rock anthem:

“When the lights go down/In the City
And the sun shiines on the Baaaayyyyyy …”

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