The Traveler

I want to accomplish something memorable, to be the change I wish to see in the world, I want to empower women, and educate kids. I want to write a book, and read more books. I want to earn a PhD, and have 2 kids who are smarter than me. I want to have articles written about me, inspire a novel, and be a great singer. I want to enter the peace corps, or create a peaceful core. I want to be a trophy wife, a reality tv star, and style icon. I want to travel to every continent, and participate in other cultures. I want to change laws, and not care what people think. I want to live abroad for many years, and be fluent in another language. I want to make people happy, be a good friend and loving partner. I want to change the definition of beauty, and set a standard. I want to be a professor, a good supportive boss, a wealthy CEO, and a beach bum in the Bahamas.