Friday, December 10, 2010

You'll thank yourself for it

The wisdom to know the difference...Happy 26th Birthday!

Happy belated 26th Birthday to myself!

I asked my other 26 year old friends what advice they had for this new year and next box of life...most responded with "there is no difference", "forget the number and go with you're in your 20s", or even a "stop analyzing and just forget it." While we know the latter will never happen, because self reflection is the key to growth. I still must say, I've already felt the difference.

The resounding feeling has been to downsize. Downsize the objects that surround me, the things I focus on, and the people I give my heart to. While my early 20's were spent acquiring and populating my life with everything that felt necessary, I find so far, all I want to do is hold on to the small few and ditch the rest. Disappointment is a plague to the heart for the ones who hold expectations, remove that and let's see what we end up with. We all know actions speak louder than words so while I'd love to say I can forget the past wrongs by even those closer ones, I do know some things wont change. But, that's where the living and learning part comes into play. I can also say with certainty that time still does heals all pain and things that are meant to be will surely be. So in this next year, I hope to hold on to what matters and let go of the rest.
Thus, the key to 26 will be to find the wisdom to know the difference.