Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nike and their digital dominance

Nike is becoming the leader in digital marketing trends. Utilizing their fan base, athletes, and brand awareness they are maximizing the web advertising stratosphere to meet the next generation of Nike athletes. No matter what industry you work in, fashion, technology, or payment processing you can take a marketing queue from the mega sports wear giant Nike.

With over 10 million views, Write the Future became the promotional buzz during the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Take a look below:

If a photo is worth a 1,000 words than a video like this must be worth 10 million. To follow up Write the Future, Nike has come out with the Nike Elite Series to showcase their latest futbol shoes in the best way possible, in action, with some of the greatest futbol players of this generation. Check out the Aguero Bait & Switch.

Marketers take note: let's stop saying what our products and services offer, and lets start showing it.

Nike has incorporated their digital marketing and communications strategy to reach their customer usage and branding goals but they are now developing digital products and service platforms to break ground on their products. " Integrated digital technology will become what people expect," said Mark Parker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nike, in a highly insightful and wide-ranging interview with Berlin-based magazine 032c.

To read more about this topic check out the recent article by Vikram Alexei Kansara for Business of Fashion.

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