Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Los Primero Dias en Antigua, Guatemala

This is Colonia Candelaria. This is the ruin that marks the title of my neighborhood in Antigua. Right in front is a little basketball court. Every morning students can be found playing basketball before school. This is from the walk way right outside of my house. I live with Dona Ruth de Estrada.

In Antigua this is La semana del Expression "the week of expression". This is where all the kids and students all over Antigua celebrate their creativity. They have parades, art sessions on display, dance parties all day at school, music shows etc. This is the week to celebrate the art of expression. ¨I think i came at the right time"

This picture is from Sunday where there was the introduction parades where every age child dresses up in homemade costumes and parades in the street. This group is the 12 year old mummys.
These are the younger children in home made cardboard ships, space ships, taxi´s etc.

The teenagers are each representing a different nation. These are the Greeks. There were Chinese dancers, Spaniards, Brazilian carnival dancers, and many more. This a the central park of Antigua. With a real entrepreneur, if you would like a rid on a horse around the park it will only cost you Q25 (about $3) This is the inside view of La Proyecto Linguistico de Francisco Marroquin. This is my Spanish school. In the center of the school is a path, notice the students of every age, on each side of mini huts with desks and chairs (the classrooms).
On the left side are the ruins of what used to be a church. They are now classrooms. This is where I take my class, out in the middle of the garden. Desk number 29. I can also hear the local high school celebrations near by. They love to lite firecrackers during la semana del expression.
These are the other huts where other students take classes.
Just a sample of one of the streets in Antigua. This is the way to my dance classes.

This is the San Francisco of Antigua. This is the church of San Francisco, otherwise just know as San Francisco. Be sure to clarify where you are from here, because to just say " I am from San Francisco" They will then ask you if you were born in this church, for humor of course.

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